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Dr. John Hosey - Fallon Clinic
Dr. John Hosey: Rheumatology - North Lake Avenue, Worcester
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Site: Worcester - North Lake Ave.
Phone: (508) 595-2855
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Rheumatology department

Always talented at math and science as a child, Dr. John Hosey could have easily had a career in chemistry or engineering, but decided to pursue medicine instead. “I really wanted to help take care of people, and working in medicine seemed the best way to accomplish that. I thought it was a great way to combine my interest in science with my desire to help others,” he explains.

As a rheumatologist at Fallon Clinic, Dr. Hosey treats a wide range of inflammatory diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis, lupus and Lyme disease. According to Dr. Hosey, most arthritis patients don’t need to change their lifestyle if they are being treated. “I don’t want to tell a patient that loves skiing that they can’t ski anymore. I will try to do something about a problem that may be causing pain so they can begin to resume the activities they enjoy.”

Dr. Hosey believes in addressing the problems a patient has but being careful to take measured steps along the way. “There is potential downside when we do intervene. For example, when a joint is injected with medication there is a chance of infection, which not everyone realizes. I tell people to wait a week or so first and see if the pain goes away…many times it does.”

In treating his patients, Dr. Hosey has access to many more drug treatments than was available years ago. “There are many new medications to work with now. However, the new treatments don’t make the older ones ineffective. Many patients do well on the standard treatments alone. For those patients who don’t do well on the standard treatments, the new biologic response modifier drugs have been a real blessing.”

Dr. Hosey sees many of his patients on a long-term basis. “When people are suffering from a disease like lupus, you will see them and monitor them on a steady basis. It’s very important to build trust and rapport with patients like that. Whether someone is coming to see me once or twice, or over a period of years, you want to make them feel they are getting the best care and treatment available.”

Dr. Hosey truly enjoys helping his patients and seeing them get back to the everyday things they enjoy doing. “It’s great when a patient comes back in to see you and you learn how much better they are doing. The first time you saw them they were in pain and now they walk in your office with a happy expression on their face – you can just see how grateful they are. It’s very satisfying when you know you’ve helped someone.”

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